Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why a Philosophy Blog?

Aesthetics, beliefs, ethics, logic, perceptions, spirituality, truth, wisdom – all parts of a branch of study known as philosophy – and all are fascinating subjects for those of us who enjoy engaging in deep and meaningful conversations with people who care about people and who crave understanding. As a blogger who writes numerous blogs devoted to myriad topics, one area that has no home among my blogs is the subject of philosophy. Though philosophical thought permeates many of my blogs, I felt that my philosophical musings needed a place of their own to rest. 

And that’s how Philosophical Musings and Insights was born. In future blogs, I will discuss my thoughts on everything from controversial subjects, such as religion and politics, to problems philosophers have been trying to solve since humans walked the Earth – the way we define love, sorrow, compassion, hate, prejudice, and ideologies of all kinds. I hope you will join me in these discussions. Otherwise I’ll be standing on my own platform merely looking into a mirror.

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