Thursday, September 24, 2015

Controversial Discussion on Drug Abuse – We are Lying to Our Kids About Drugs

So many programs and drug rehabilitation centers are devoted to helping kids and adults recover from the devastating effects of drug abuse and/or alcoholism.

So with all we've been doing, why is nothing working? Why are kids still abusing drugs and alcohol? 

If you believe some of the documentaries floating around about how the government is controlling the drug cartels, or maybe government is being controlled by the drug cartels, you might think our kids have no hope.

But I think we've been looking at drug abuse incorrectly. We've been lying to our kids by telling them that drugs are bad. Why do I think that? Rather than discuss my feelings in this blog, I'm going to direct you to another blog that discusses – in detail – Why What We’re Telling Our Kids About Drugs Doesn’t Help Them.